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“We Cater to Cowards”

Dental fear is very real. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your dental fear and in most cases, it is well warranted. Listen to some of these testimonials as patients share how they overcame their dental fear at the Dental Comfort Zone.

Experience The Dental Comfort Zone Difference

Let’s face it; a trip to the dentist is not something most of us look forward to. Here at the Dental Comfort Zone, we make every effort to improve our patient’s dental visits. We use new techniques and materials that reduce or eliminate discomfort both during and after dental care. Everyone at the Dental Comfort Zone is sensitive to the needs of our patients, and helps make each appointment a positive experience. Over the last several years, Dr. Gordon has published many articles that explain how new technology, research and personal experience can directly benefit dental patients. You can read the articles below for more information, and come in to meet us to experience the Dental Comfort Zone difference.

  • New techniques, materials improve dental office visits
    image_splash2In an effort to reduce discomfort during dental procedures, today’s dentist
    can use either air abrasion or a dental laser. These modern devices enable dentists to treat many cavities without a needle or a dental drill.
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  • Air Abrasion: Patient friendly technology for painless fillings
    image_airAir Abrasion is a relatively new technology used for treating cavities that can often eliminate the need for an anesthetic injection and the dental drill.
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  • New Local Anesthetic Aids Patient Comfor
    image_topicalI decided to try Septocaine and found that it was indeed superior to the other local anesthetics that I had been using. I found that my patients became more numb than before, and the vast majority told me that they felt no pain during routine or surgical dental procedures.
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  • Patient benefits from laughing gas
    Nitrous Oxide Gas, often referred to as laughing gas or sweet air, is an effective anesthetic drug that has many benefits for patients seeking dental treatment
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  • Ways to prevent gagging during dental treatment
    A caring and concerned attitude by the dentist can often go a long way to allaying a patient’s anxiety and can significantly reduce gagging. The dentist should then find out what procedures or situations have triggered gagging in the past and see if alternative ones can be used.
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  • Less drilling can be better dentistry
    From the patient’s perspective, there is less drilling, which can translate into less potential discomfort during and after the procedure.
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  • A painless root canal in one visit? It can be done
    New techniques have greatly reduced the time needed to perform a root canal, and also greatly limited the potential for discomfort. In almost all cases, root canal therapy can be effectively completed in just one visit!
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  • Knowing what to expect after dental treatment
    If the dentist has not said anything to the patient about this potential for pain, most reasonable people could assume that the dentist did not do a good job, the wrong tooth was treated or a wide variety of discouraging thoughts.
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  • Consistency aids patient comfort
    Changes in personnel, length of time waiting to be treated, and how treatment is delivered tend to leave the greatest impression on dental patients.
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  • Ways dentists improve the “after treatment” experience
    The most effective way, however, to help patients cope with discomfort after dental procedures is to let them know what to expect, ahead of time.
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  • Bad teeth? Most dentists won’t scold
    Fortunately, most dentists realize that scolding their patients will ultimately backfire, because it tends to either drive people away or cause them to build up a barrier of resentment towards the dentist.
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  • Jargon Confuses Patients
    Dentists as well as other doctors, nurses, and technical staff should use words that are clear, accurate, and commonplace.
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  • Standing behind treatment- the “right thing” to do
    If repair or replacement is required before an acceptable period of time, the dentist should consider not charging the patient or charging a reduced fee
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  • Advantages of an On-Site Dental Lab
    Although most dentists send their lab work to a remote location, I believe that there are distinct advantages to having the dental lab “on-site”.
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  • The Gentle Hygienist- keeps you coming back
    Just as it is vital for the dentist to provide treatment in as painless a manner as possible, it is equally important for the hygienist. In fact, people in good dental health may actually have more treatment provided by their dentist’s hygienist than the dentist himself.
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