“New” procedure has dental patients asking for the needle

Most people don’t look forward to a visit to their dentist. Among the least favorite things are the needle and the drill. Both are needed to make dental treatment tolerable and often painless, but still not the highlight of your day. Some dental offices are offering services that were once only available from plastic surgeons and dermatologists. These dentists are providing Botox and dermal fillers for their patients.

Botox injections can be given to erase deep facial lines caused by underlying facial muscles. For example, “crow’s feet” wrinkles, as well as deep forehead lines, can be removed or softened with this procedure that takes only about 15 minutes. Botox is now being used for dental applications as well. Sore muscles and TMJ (jaw-joint) pain caused by teeth grinding and the unattractive appearance of a gummy smile can be improved with the use of Botox. Botox injections will yield effective results that last between four and six months and usually cost between $400-800, depending on the area treated and the amount required.